SOSU Hjælperhue Incl. 2 embroideries


SOSU HJÆLPER STUDENTERHUE INKL. 2 Broderinger. Flot original SOSU Hjælper Studenterhue i god kvalitet.

Sølv Guld Samme farve som huen
str. 53 str. 54 str. 55 str. 56 str. 57 str. 58 str. 59 str. 60 str. 61 str. 62


Bemærk der frem til 31. juli holdes sommerferie, og der tilbydes ikke brodering på huerne. Du kan stadig bestille huer uden brodering og de vil blive afsendt, forvent dog længere leveringstid på 5-12 dage.

Bestilles der en hue med brodering, vil denne blive afsendt fra vores lager omkring 1. august. Bemærk kundeservice kan stadig træffes på mail i ferieperioden.


SOSU Hjælper Studenterhuen with 2 Embroideries: A Unique and Personal Tribute

SOSU Uddannelseshue with 2 embroideries is more than just a head covering; it is a unique and personal tribute to your performance as a Social and Health Care Worker. It symbolizes your dedication to helping and caring for others and allows you to personalize your hat even more.

Color and Symbolism
SOSU Hjælper huen has light purple ribbons and a silver cross as decoration. The color light purple symbolizes your humanity and care for others, while the silver cross represents the ethical and moral dimension of your work in social and health care.

High Quality and Crack-Free Design
The hat is of high quality with gold print on satin/polyester lining. It has a kink-free insert in the lower edge of the hat and a black lacquer shade. The hat is equipped with a black patent leather strap with two black buttons and a bright leather sweatband that allows you to keep the written messages from your friends.

Freedom of choice with 2 Embroideries
You can add 2 embroideries to your SOSU Helper Student Hat and choose the text you want. This can include your own name, school name, year or anything else that is special to you.

Notes on Embroidery

- The embroideries will be made in the hat cover.
- There is no right of return on products with embroidery.
- For the back embroidery, there can be a maximum of 26 letters including commas, periods and spaces on the hat. Flags, symbols and special characters cannot be embroidered.
- For the side embroidery on the right side of the hat, there can be a maximum of 6 letters including commas, periods and spaces. This part is typically suitable for initials or years.
- You can choose between silver or gold writing on the back of the hat cover, or you can choose the same color as the hat (a slight shade difference may occur).

A Personal Achievement
Wearing a SOSU Helper Student Hat with 2 embroidery is a personal achievement and a tribute to your dedicated work in social and health care. It represents your personal goals and your efforts to help others.

Your SOSU Helper Student hat with 2 embroideries is a symbolic expression of your humanity and your unique performance as a Social and Health Helper. It is a tribute to your dedication and personal contribution to the health and well-being of society.

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