SOSU Helper Student hat, without embroidery


SOSU Hjælper Studenterhuerne er med lyslilla bånd og med sølvkorset

Model: SOSU Hjælper St
str. 53 str. 54 str. 55 str. 56 str. 57 str. 58 str. 59 str. 60 str. 61 str. 62

I april sendes der ikke varer mellem den 13. april og den 25. april.

Men bestiller man i dag sendes varen senest mandag den 29. april, også huer med brodering.


SOSU Hjælperhuen: Symbol of Social and Health Care

SOSU Hjælper Studenterhuen represents a remarkable achievement in the social and health sector. As a SOSU Helper, you have acquired important skills and knowledge that are essential for helping and caring for others. The hat symbolizes your dedication to contributing to the health and well-being of society.

Color and Symbolism
SOSU Hjælper The student hut has light purple ribbons and a silver cross as decoration. The color light purple symbolizes your humanity and care for others, while the silver cross represents the ethical and moral dimension of your work in social and health care.

Dedication to Social and Health care
Your education cap is a symbol of your dedication to helping and caring for others. It emphasizes the importance of social and health services in society.

High Quality and Crack-Free Design
The hat is of high quality with gold print on satin/polyester lining. It has a kink-free insert in the lower edge of the hat and a black lacquer shade. The hat is equipped with a black patent leather strap with two black buttons and a bright leather sweatband that allows you to keep the written messages from your friends.

Option for Special Cockade/Emblem
You have the option of purchasing an exclusive cockade or emblem specially designed for SOSU Helpers, which further decorates your cap and emphasizes your specialization.

A Proud Achievement
Wearing SOSU Hjælper Studenterhuen is a proud achievement and a reminder of the important work you do in social and health care. It represents your goals and possibilities for the future.

Your SOSU Hjælper Studenterhue is a symbol of your humanity and commitment to the social and health sector. It is a tribute to your dedication to helping others and contributing to the welfare of society.

Important: If you order this product it is without embroidery, if you want embroidery you must choose one of the other products where you can choose between 1,2 or 3 embroidery.